Have you ever thought to yourself, I should create my own piece of software to help my landscaping company? 

That is exactly what our guest did today.  Today we chat with Shannon Walsh of EZBZ.app. Shannon and her husband own Premier Home Services and they were always looking for a piece of software that would help them with work orders, and a simple way to communicate with their team out in the field.  

Today Shannon shares their story and they are also offering a special lifetime payment deal to the listeners of the podcast that sign up using this link https://uma.rfrl.co/6ew29.  

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Scott and Shannon talk about how she stepped out of her corporate career into the landscaping business.  While working in the landscaping business she saw there was a need to create order, so she set out to create a piece of software that could help their own business. She found how this software helped their business so they decided to form a software company that could help other landscapers. Today Shannon shares her story.


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